Monday, June 2, 2014

Sassy Sporty ladies at Moses Mabhida Stadium for #PhaseTwo of #ProjectScouted

Its difficult to believe that the FIFA World Cup was held in South Africa 4 years ago! Depending on the way you look at it, the time has either passed extremely slowly or extremely quickly. Now that the world has been hit with football fever once again with the World Cup set to take place in Brazil just around the corner, we thought that a fitting theme for #PhaseTwo of #ProjectScouted would be Sassy Sporty.

            Are there many things in the world as appealing as beautiful girls and sport? Combining these two elements, the 40 girls chosen to be a part of the second phase of the Project caused quite a stir at the Moses Mabhida Stadium on Saturday, 31 June. Shooting in spots around the stadium, the girls were in their element working the angles of sports like boxing, soccer, surfing, and basketball, just to name a few, with added sex-appeal and femininity. This year's group of girls featuring in the Project are proving to be tough competition for each other as all these models posed with confidence and ease, fighting through having the sun in their eyes. Their determination is definitely going to be evident in the pics.

            This leg of the Project saw Lee Folkard Photography's own Lee Folkard behind the lens, as he made up one half of the duo to shoot the girls on Saturday, taking the portraits that they will be judged on. Jerome Stoffels, who you can learn more about from our Q&A session with him featured on the blog, shot the full-length images of the girls as well as lurked about with his iPhone taking the candid shots we all love as well as some selfies too, of course. This is a tough photography duo to beat and these girls who got the chance to pose for them can count themselves lucky.

            This time, the parents decided to drop off their girls with the team or just stick around at the restaurants at the stadium. There were a few other visitors who made a morning of the shoot too. Jessica Van Goeverden of Van.Go Photography who shot the girls in #PhaseOne; Nilufer Yucel of Nilufer Yucel Photography, one of the scouts of the Project; as well as Roy Esterhuysen of Firsthouse Photography, who will be shooting the girls at a later stage, all took care of the behind-the-scenes pics that can be seen on their respective Facebook pages.

            Photography enthusiast and model, Zak Ashley Faurie-Williams, also came by and shot some candid pics. The guest judge of Phase Two, Lyle Young, also stayed for the morning, no doubt making some mental notes to assist with the difficult decision of judging the girls. And there were also several of the scouts who came by - Tyra Horsley, Ryan Francis who is also a sponsor of the Project and will be hosting a fashion show in #PhaseFour (keep an eye on the blog), Daniella O'Brien, Lailah Osman, Jami De Vries, Camo Clothier and Janay Manning who was also the winner of 2012's Project Exposure.

            Although many of the girls are participating in the Project just for the experience and to get some great portfolio pics shot by some of Durban's best photography talent, the competition is definitely heating up and its going to be quite interesting to see how it plays out. Every girl has something uniquely special about her, now what matters is how they use that to their advantage to stick out from the group.


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