Monday, June 9, 2014

Scout and behind-the-scenes photographer, Nilufer Yucel, turns guest judge for #ProjectScouted

If you've had the good sense to visit any of the #ProjectScouted events or photoshoots so far, chances are you've seen this pretty young lady with her camera earnestly but casually taking pics behind-the-scenes. Nilufer Yucel started off as a scout in the Project and although unfortunately none of the girls she had scouted have made it thus far, she is now the guest judge of #PhaseThree and will play a pivotal role in choosing the lucky ladies who will go on to be a part of the Shoelaced Clothingby Ryan Francis fashion show at the SMG Rocks Mini Showroom on 15 June for #PhaseFour of the Project. We got to know the girl behind the camera.

            Lee Folkard Photography: Who is Nilufer Yucel?
            Nilufer: When people ask me what my name is, they always end up saying "That's a strange name, where does it come from?" Well, I'm actually Turkish. I'm a first year student studying for a Higher Certificate in Business. I have studied Photography part-time and will probably lean towards a Degree in something design-related. I love my photography because one of the advantages are meeting and interacting with new people. I also love helping others out, I always care for other people before I do for myself. I also love travelling and hope to see many more places. I have this never-ending bucket list of things to do and places to go.

            LFP: How did you hear about Lee Folkard Photography and how did you become a scout in #ProjectScouted?
            Nilufer: Last year, Lee was a guest judge at one of my school functions. So like any other person would, I checked out his Facebook photography page and I started following his work. He also gave me a lot of great advice and motivated me to better my photography. I knew that I wanted to work with him at some point so when I got the opportunity to do so in the Project I jumped at it.

            LFP: How do you feel about now being a guest judge in #PhaseThree?
            Nilufer: I feel so honoured and excited to be a guest judge for the Project. It's also a great feeling for me to be exposed to this new aspect of having to look at the images in a different way. In terms of experience, it's also great because it will teach me to think more objectively.

            LFP: What has been the most enjoyable aspect of the Project so far?
            Nilufer: I think the best part for me would be meeting new people. I have made friends with many of the models as well as the other photographers involved. I really enjoy taking some of the behind-the-scenes images for #ProjectScouted too and am looking forward to the upcoming phases, especially the fashion show!

            LFP: You were a part of Project Trinity in 2013. Are you still interested in modelling? How did you become involved in modelling and how did that evolve to photography now?
            Nilufer: I found out about Project Trinity via Facebook. My friend and I decided to enter not knowing that we would actually make the Top 15. This was the first time I had been involved in modelling. It made me much more confident as a person and I would love to do something like it again. It was nice to be the person in front of the camera for a change too! I was actually involved in photography as a hobby before I entered Project Trinity and had done a few photoshoots of my own, so that Project helped me quite a bit when it was my turn in the spotlight. It was after Project Trinity that I became more interested in my photography and have decided to become more serious about it.

            LFP: How are you going to be approaching the judging? Is there anything that you will be looking for specifically in the girls' photographs?
            Nilufer: I believe that its not only about appearance. The girls have to be confident and one should be able to see their personalities come through in the images. They shouldn't look bored; I need to see that they're serious about what they're doing but are still enjoying themselves at the same time. I want to see emotion - lots of it!

            LFP: If you were stuck in any television show, which would it be?
            Nilufer: The first show that pops into my mind is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Its so great to see people who work together get along so well (even though there might be a prank or two involved). I am really passionate about what I do but I like to have a good time while doing it - just like the people in the show do.

            As we head towards a major phase in the Project with the fashion extravaganza less than a week away, Nilufer along with the other regular judges Lee Folkard, Jerome Stoffels and Samantha Duckworth, all have their work cut out for them in choosing the 25 ladies that will go through. So watch this space.

See more images and work by Nilufer at: Nilufer Yucel Photography

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