Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Project Scouted photographer profile: Kevin Hsu

There are probably very few people in Durban who are unfamiliar with the name and face of Kevin Hsu. He has become one of the most popular social photographers in the city; being seen with his camera at various events of varying natures whether it’s shooting people in their element on the nightlife scene or shooting the portfolios of stunning and suave models. And now that Kevin will be a part of Project Scouted, Lee Folkard Photography got to know him a little more.

Lee Folkard Photography: What was your inspiration to begin photography and how did you start in the business?
Kevin: My inspiration to begin photography professionally was the people I socialise with. They were one of the reasons that I started in the business by accident. People started to love the photos that I took with friends, due to the amount of friends I have (5000+) on Facebook. I had started to be asked to take photos as an event photographer and then got introduced to more professional work.  I am also pretty lucky as I have many inspiring photographers who have taught me tricks of the trade but I am also self-taught with the understanding of the basics of photography. But I do think that you need to have a natural eye for good photography.

LFP: How did you find out about Lee Folkard Photography?
Kevin: Who doesn’t know Lee Folkard? (Laughs) I would say I knew him well through social media mostly. I had kept noticing his beautiful images and we began to talk and became friends.

LFP: How did you become involved in Project Scouted and what motivated you to be a part of it?
Kevin: I was really glad to be chosen by Lee himself. Through working with him, I would get the chance to meet beautiful models as well to learn from and meet other talented photographers.

LFP: What do you think makes a good photo?
Kevin: People. Creativity. Ambience.

LFP: What does photography mean to you personally?
Kevin: I would say capturing the moment. For example, taking a selfie captures the moment.

Kevin will be shooting the girls who are chosen to progress to the next phases of Project Scouted in the following weeks. You can find the images on the Lee Folkard Photography Facebook page soon.

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