Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lee Folkard Photography’s enigmatic blogger, Sholene Ramdass, the guest judge for Phase Four of #ProjectScouted

Sholene Ramdass might be an elusive freelance writer, but she has still had substantial experience in the spotlight and time in front of the camera having come from a beauty pageant and photographic modelling background. The face (and hands) behind much of the Lee Folkard Photography blog, Sholene will now play a vital part in choosing the 15 girls of the 25 who will go through to Phase Five based on the images captured at the Fashion Extravaganza featuring the designs of Ryan Francis of Shoelaced Clothing. Sholene was also a part of the Top 10 in 2012’s Project Exposure, and although this Project was structured differently, she has a pretty good idea of what the #ProjectScouted girls have to bring to the competition. This humble Durban-girl has her heart set on penning some great literary works in the future, and we got to know her a little better.

Lee Folkard Photography: Who is Sholene Ramdass?
Sholene: I'm a simple girl living life from one experience to the next. Currently a Creative Writing and Literature student, I'm also a freelance writer. I find solace in all things art, creative, and beautiful; whether it’s a photograph, a film, or even people going about their lives every day. Naturally as a writer, I'm a lover of stories and although I may not say much, I am always listening to the world around me. I think I’m full of contradictions too; I’m introverted and extroverted, I love being behind the scenes but also a part of the action, I go to fashion shows with girl friends and car exhibitions with my brother and help my dad with DIY at home. I’m a chameleon. I’m still discovering the answer to this question everyday but there’s much more to me than a description. I've been called an enigma once or twice, so I wouldn't be able to sum myself up anyway. But I think you get the picture.

LFP: What inspired you to choose your qualification and to be a writer?
No matter what I may have tried my hand at; I have always had a great passion for language and literature. I am, and have always been, unashamedly, the girl reading a book or the girl wanting to go to the theatre or film festivals. In this way, I've grown into myself; I've always had different tastes and interests. Public speaking is another passion I have which also involves using words to evoke emotion in your listeners and having excelled at this over the years, especially at high school, I found that having a command of the English language is crucial in more ways than one can imagine. I'm still finding my way as a writer but being a writer is who I am and whichever career I choose to pursue, writing will be the focus. I’m insatiably curious about life and the world around me; I'm always jotting things down and when I'm typing on my phone, I'm more likely making a note of something than texting. For me, the written word is emotion. Literature is man’s memory.

LFP: What are some of the misconceptions about being a writer?
Sholene: A lot of people think that it’s easy – you just sit at your computer and type away. But the depth, thought, and planning that goes into writing any piece of worth and quality is profound. When it comes to short stories, poetry, novels and any other piece that involves the creation of characters, especially, a writer has to create a world with people who have emotions, histories, and personalities through words. This is extremely difficult to do if one desires to write with substance and meaning. Being a writer requires extreme perseverance and patience; two qualities I am still trying to master.

LFP: What inspires you?
Sholene: Life inspires me. So often, I find myself in complete awe of the world and the life around me. There’s beauty and intricacy everywhere; in people, nature, art. I’m inspired by good writing, a good film, a memory, a conversation; everything that I experience is a source for creativity. I’m in love with life – the good and the bad of it – and all the emotions that come with it. There’s unfathomable beauty and depth everywhere, all we have to do is be open to it.

LFP: What will you be looking for when judging the girls on their images from the Fashion Extravaganza?
Sholene: Being Lee Folkard Photography's blogger, I've been involved in the Project from the beginning and have had the chance to meet some of the girls and be at the photoshoots. So I feel like I have gotten the chance to know them a little. I’d like to see that they have become a bit more comfortable in front of the camera and that they aren’t being generic. Being a successful model is about having an x-factor and that's what I'll be looking for. Also coming from a beauty pageant background, I know the importance of a strong ramp presence and walk that translates to great images – which will be another factor I will consider. Unattractive girls don't exist; I believe a good photograph comes from personality, character and daring to be yourself.

Some of Sholene’s pieces can be read on the Lee Folkard Photography blog; her writing perhaps giving a deeper insight through her thoughts and ideas into who she is. She will draw from her exposure to different fields and avenues during the Phase Four judging process along with Lee Folkard, Samantha Duckworth and Jerome Stoffels. Don’t forget to keep checking the Facebook page and the blog to see who the crème of the crop is.

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