Saturday, June 21, 2014

#ProjectScouted : Phase Five : Brief

Words from the Phase Five photographer for the TOP15.

High fashion neutral color outfits with an accent color (accent color can be red/blue/yellow, etc...  accent color can be a watch strap, scarf, belt, shoes, etc) they must use the pose images for inspiration for the outfits. The pose images are also going to be very similar to the poses on the day.

Make-up will be done by: Make-Up The College. 

Hair styles for the girls are tied back like in the examples (unless they have a cool fro) and for those with a short fringe can have the rest of their hair tied back like in hair1.jpg
Hair example

Hair example

Hair example

Hair and Close Up Example

Hair example

We will be doing 3 shots:
Full Length
Closeup (similar to hair and closeup.jpg)

Pose with the barrister @ IWMC

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