Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Project Scouted photographer profile: Tauhirah Raffie

Tauhirah Raffie, an easy-going and casual girl who still manages to be serious about and dedicated to photography, will be one of the next photographers to be a part of the coming phases of Project Scouted. Having been a part of Project Trinity, the previous year’s Project, she saw that the collaboration with Lee Folkard Photography was a winning one and returned to turn out more fantastic pics this year.

Lee Folkard Photography: What was your inspiration to begin photography and how did you start in the business?
Tauhirah: My inspiration was the world and its people; mostly the idea that everything and everyone has beauty but not everyone will see it and that my job as a photographer is to show it. I started out photographing what I knew but I wanted more training so I spent a year studying photography at Vega which gave me quite a good entrance into the business.

LFP: How did you become involved in Project Scouted and what motivated you to be a part of it?
Tauhirah: Well, I just spoke to Lee as I was really interested in his work and he was looking for young photographers to be a part of the Project. I wanted to be part of Project Scouted because of the success of Project Trinity which I was also involved in.

LFP: When photographing people, what is your process? What's your favourite aspect to capture?
Tauhirah: Usually when I see someone, I'll have an idea of how I want to photograph them but I also like to capture them as raw as possible. I prefer more personal photoshoots where I can get to know my subject and, as corny as it sounds, photograph their true selves. My favourite aspect to capture differs depending on the image. If it’s a portrait, the eyes are important, being the window the soul. Otherwise, it’s the lines, curves and shapes of the body and surroundings.

LFP: What inspires you artistically?
Tauhilah: Definitely finding beauty in the ordinary and showing others how to do the same. It gives you a new appreciation for the world when you see something ordinary become art.

LFP:  Has Durban always been your home? What do you love most about Durban?
Tauhirah: I was born in Jo’burg but have lived in Durban since I was one year old, so yes, you could say it’s always been my home. I love the weather. Summer all year round makes me happy and I also love the people; everyone's so easy-going which makes for good company.

Tauhirah so earnestly seeking to capture the beauty in everyone she shoots is a sure way to bring out the best in any subject. We can’t wait to see her shots of the girls chosen this year in Project Scouted as she captures their beauty and that something special in every one of them.

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