Monday, June 2, 2014

Lyle Young – A creative software developer and guest judge of #PhaseTwo of #ProjectScouted

Lyle Young is a really lucky guy to have gotten to be present at the #PhaseTwo photoshoot of #ProjectScouted on Saturday, 31st May, at the Moses Mabhida Stadium and also now getting to be a part of the judging process of this phase where the girls will be hand-selected to go through to the next round. Seeing as this is an incredibly daunting and difficult task with the high calibre of talent in the Project this year, we got to know this software developer a little better.

Lee Folkard Photography: Who is Lyle Young?
Lyle: In a nutshell, I think I’m a simple guy who loves life and always, always tries to make the best of every situation that confronts him. I think I am motivated and ambitious which makes me passionate about reaching my goals and fulfilling my dreams. I like meeting new people and making life-lasting bonds. I believe that people are amazing and everyone is different in their own unique way. I like travelling and seeing new places and doing new things. I still have a huge to-do and to-see list that needs ticking off because it’s always worthwhile to take something special away from any experience.

LFP: How did you hear about Lee Folkard Photography?
Lyle: Like many people, I first came across Lee on Facebook. Back then, he did quite a few one-on-one photoshoots with clients and did a lot of birthdays. I knew many of the people he shot, one even being my cousin, and so I noticed his photography a lot and followed his work because of the high quality and because it stands out from the work of other photographers.

LFP: How did you become a guest judge for #PhaseTwo of #ProjectScouted?
Lyle: As a supporter of Lee’s work from the beginning, and building a friendship with him along the way, he had asked me to be a guest judge and I jumped at the opportunity.

LFP: What did you enjoy the most about the #PhaseTwo photoshoot on Saturday at Moses Mabhida Stadium?
Lyle: I think it was such a fun day overall and that was what I liked. I’d really encourage others to come to the Project shoots as they’re open to the public for anyone to come watch or just say hi. Everyone had a good time and the mood was relaxed and friendly. I think the models enjoyed that especially so they didn’t become too nervous when they get in front of the camera. And there were lots of laughs as well! Plus, it’s never a bad thing being surrounded by so much beauty either!

LFP: What are the features that you will be looking for in the girls when judging their pics?
Lyle: Although I’m judging on pictures alone, I will take into account girls who didn’t need much direction and just got up and worked the camera naturally on the day of shoot. Beauty is an important factor but also their personalities need to shine through in their pictures. The theme was Sassy Sporty so they need to have nailed that aspect as well.

LFP: What's your favourite sport? Are you looking forward to the Fifa World Cup happening soon?
Lyle: Well, I am big supporter of SA rugby as well as our local sides in the Super 15. I try to see the Proteas whenever there is an opportunity and of course, I love soccer too which is really huge all over the world. So I am really looking forward to the World Cup. I really wish I was going though! Being in Brazil with the soccer World Cup on is definitely most guys’ dream. My favourite team has to be Spain.

LFP: Are you a creative person in any way?
Lyle: There’s a quote I read some time back, “Anything can be creative – you bring that quality to the activity. Activity itself is neither creative nor uncreative. You can paint in an uncreative way. You can sing in an uncreative way. But you can clean the floor in a creative way. You can cook in a creative way." So if creativity is seeing the world differently and doing things in a different way from the norm, then yes, I do think I am a creative person. As a software developer by profession, I also have to think out of the box.

As a guest judge in #PhaseTwo of #ProjectScouted, Lyle will be a big part of making the decision of who will go through to #PhaseThree of the Project along with the other regular judges; photographers Lee Folkard, Jerome Stoffels, and Samantha Duckworth. Lyle is definitely going to be bringing a fresh set of eyes to the girls that we have gotten to know thus far.

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