Monday, June 30, 2014

#ProjectScouted : Phase Six : Brief

In the words of the photographer for Phase Six: 

Phase 6: Vulnerability 

Venue: Essenwood Park, off Essenwood Road, Musgrave.

Time: Two Slots for make-up.



Make-up will be natural- glowing skin and natural eye make-up

Girls will be shot as they're ready from having their make-up done. Each girl will be shot for 10-15 minutes.

What to wear: Hair needs to be natural and down- no up-do's.
Each girl is required to wear preferably a light-coloured boob-tube/strapless top/shirt, and loose-fitting shorts.

Briefing of the shoot:
This shoot is about emotion, following the theme "vulnerability".
The girls will be required to portray or convey vulnerability. Key words associated with this are: comfort, openness.

This shoot will require something different from what the girls have shown in the project up until this point. This shoot requires creativity and sensitivity. All photos will be in black and white.

Setting of the shoot: The girls will be required to lie in a "bed" which will be set up. They will need to produce two shots- one full body, and one facial. They will be shot from directly above- this is a new angle and the girls need to take this into account when posing. This is NOT a nude shoot as the girls will be wearing clothes but show bare shoulders and be covered by a white sheet, and the girls will NOT be sexualised. No sexual poses will be allowed and the girls will receive guidance throughout the shoot. The images aim at being artistic and expressionistic. 

Head shot: Will be on a pillow- showing of face is compulsory. Expressing vulnerability and openness through the face is essential.

Body shot: A pillow as a prop is optional. The showing of the face is not compulsory in this shot- the vulnerability will be conveyed through the shape the girls make with their bodies and the sheet. Models need to practice and prepare a body shape for the shoot to work with. 

The shots will be judged on emotional and aesthetic value. 
Example images below: 

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