Monday, June 16, 2014

#ProjectScouted Phase Four rocks the Mini showroom

Even the resounding success #ProjectScouted has had so far with three of the phases having being completed with photoshoots at the Hashtag restaurant on Windermere Road, Moses Mabhida Stadium and the Skate Park on North Beach, couldn't have prepared us for the amazing turnout at the SMG Rocks Mini showroom in Umhlanga for the Phase Four Fashion Extravaganza featuring the designs of Ryan Francis of Shoelaced Clothing, an official sponsor of the Project.

Parents, family, and friends of the girls in the Top 25; media; photographers; and, of course, many of the proud scouts were present to support the girls gracing the ramp amidst some very sexy Mini Coopers - the perfect accessory to the signaturely daring designs of Ryan Francis. Fashion-lovers and other members of the public interested in the Project for it having been receiving a vast amount of attention in the media, especially The Tabloid Newspapers and on social networks, revelled in the casual but sophisticated atmosphere of the venue while getting the chance to meet the faces behind the names associated with the Project.

#ProjectScouted has been extremely fortunate with having some amazing brands on board as sponsors. Ice Tropez South Africa, specializing in their signature sparkling wine and fruit cocktail, provided the refreshments for the guests for the afternoon with Red Bull also helped the girls and the team keep their energy up before and during the show. Some of the already-expert students of Make-up theCollege, owned by Jacqui Bannerman, prepped the girls with gorgeous, dramatic runway makeup highlighting their features for the camera. Hashtag restaurant's Brendon Kader also dropped by - the restaurant having been the venue for fittings on Friday.

 There was undoubtedly a bit of nervousness in the air backstage as this was the first fashion show that some of the girls had participated in; but when they each took to the ramp for their walks with Kevin Hsu and Jessica Van Goeverden waiting to capture the shots that they would be judged on, they were each a model in their own right. Rivaling the stunning girls for attention, though, were Ryan's designs featuring casual wear as well as swimwear chosen for each girl to compliment their own style. But the highlight of the afternoon, and fitting for Father's Day, was definitely Ryan walking down the ramp holding the hands of his three little kids to take a bow after the girls' finale. Its clear that the next Francis generation has loads of style and confidence, certainly not unlike their dad.

With #ProjectScouted down to the Top 25 girls now, the competition is rising steadily to its peak. Only 15 of these girls will have what it takes to proceed to Phase Five, which will be the biggest cut so far. The girls had to bring all they've got to the fashion show! 

Don't forget to give the photographers', judges' and sponsors' Q&A posts on the blog and the behind-the-scenes pics on the Facebook pages of the loyal #ProjectScouted photographers (aka "the lurkers") Nilufer Yucel, Roy Esterhuysen, Jerome Stoffels, and Simphiwe Mkhwanazi a look. 

#ProjectScouted is #DoingItForThePeople and judging from the success of the Fashion Extravaganza this Sunday, the people are pretty chuffed with it.

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