Thursday, May 29, 2014

Things with no survival value give value to survival

We all promise our childhood friends that we will be friends forever; that we will not lose touch, that we will always be the way we were when we were young. Or the promises that lovers make to each other to always stand by one another, to always love each other and to never walk away.

We make these promises about friendships and relationships although we know very well that we may never make those promises a reality. Relationships have no survival value. We never know when they might suddenly come to an end; we never know when we will fall out with a best friend or grow tired of a partner.

But it’s this fact that friendships and relationships have no survival value, unless we work earnestly to give it a long life, that make them the things that add the most value to our survival as human beings.

We might part ways, we might stop picking up the phone to call someone we once could not imagine life without; but most often while we have them in our lives, we know what it means to lead a truly meaningful existence through the value they add our journey.

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