Friday, May 9, 2014

Project Scouted featured photographer profile: Simphiwe Simz Mkhwanazi

A photographer who initially found his passion in fashion which turned into a love affair with taking photos, Simphiwe is one of the first two photographers who will be turning out images for the first stage of Project Scouted held at one of Durban's prime new locations, Hashtag Restaurant on Windermere Road. Lee Folkard Photography had a quick Q&A segment with this passionate and fashion-indulgent photographer about his beginnings in photography and his participation in Project Scouted.

Lee Folkard Photography: What was your inspiration to begin photography and how did you start in the business?
Simphiwe: Well, it actually all started with my love for fashion. My mother is a fashion designer, specializing in Bridal, so I fell in love with fashion that way. I'd began to download cool fashion pics for no particular reason. I just always loved it! When I got to varsity, my friends and I would take pics of each other with our phones when we thought we were dressed well. And then the more I followed fashion blogs and read magazines, the more eager I was to have pictures of that quality taken. So I saved up for a camera and then continued taking pictures of my friends and me. I guess that's how it all started. From then on, I just kept taking pictures of people which I still do today.

LFP: How did you find out about Lee Folkard Photography?
Simphiwe: I found about Lee through a friend, Jerome Stoffels (LFP: Who will also be a part of the project) at the Durban Fashion Fair. I looked up Lee's work and I loved it, so I started following his work on Facebook.

LFP: How did you become involved in Project Scouted and what motivated you to be a part of it?
Simphiwe: Lee and I met, as a recommendation from Jerome. I'm always eager to take photos of people, so the chances of me saying "no" to being a part of the project were very slim. I saw this project as an opportunity to meet new people. So here I am!

LFP: What do you think makes a good photo?
Simphiwe: I think when it comes to photography, there are no rules. It’s all based on how you see the photo. If you love what you see, then that's a great photo to you. A great photo for me is one that I look at and say "I'd print this photo and hang it on my wall".

LFP: What does photography mean to you?
Simphiwe: Photography for me is about more than just taking photos; it’s my passion, my love, and my joy. I sometimes find myself editing or just staring at one image for hours and I wouldn't have wanted to do anything else with that time. My mind is always buzzing with these cool images and my imagination can get very wild sometimes. I have found photography as a platform to express what my heart feels.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Simphiwe's pics of the pretty young ladies who were chosen to be a part of the first stage of Project Scouted shot on location at Hashtag Restaurant.

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