Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kirsten Dunst for W Magazine by Sofia Coppola

There have only been a few Hollywood starlets who have managed to remain relatively normal and likeable in the presence of fame and fortune; and Kirsten Dunst is definitely one of those stars. At 31 years old now, she has spent over 25 years in the film industry and she is just as hot property now as when she first arrived on the scene debuting in an uncredited role in Woody Allen’s New York Stories in 1989. She also had several small roles in television in the 90s. Having worked with Oscar-winning director and writer, Sofia Coppola, way back in 1999, Kirsten was interviewed by Sofia for the May edition of W Magazine, which was also guest-edited by Sofia.

Sofia met Kirsten when she was only 16 years old and auditioning for a role in The Virgin Suicides, in which she was cast as the lead opposite Josh Hartnett, in Toronto. Kirsten was Sofia’s first leading lady – although she was just a girl.

Sofia grew up loving photography and fashion, which obviously stems from her passion and affinity for art and, more importantly, making good art in her own way. Sofia wanted this May issue of W Magazine to pay homage to the world that she grew up in as a child – a world of glamour that is still refined where we take time out to enjoy life and live well.

The interview by Sofia is revealing and shares quite a bit of insight into Kirsten’s career and how she got started in Hollywood, having been urged by her mother to start early in the business. Kirsten’s latest film, The Two Faces of January, was released earlier this year and Sofia’s last directorial work was The Bling Ring released in 2013. If there’s one thing that these two powerhouse women have in common, it’s their discernment for picking films that will add quality to their body of work.

Sofia says that she has filled the magazine with things she loves and admires, having grown up reading the magazine and admiring the strong female figures represented on its pages. With Kirsten’s images shot by regular W Magazine contributor, Juergen Teller, she looks every inch the essence of old-world Hollywood glamour and sophistication. While Sofia also looks the part of ace filmmaker and magazine editor in her shot for the magazine taken by Andrew Durham, another regular photographer for the magazine.

Sofia says that Kirsten is her favourite California blonde while Kirsten says that she looks up to Sofia’s fashion sense. The bond the two share is one of female camaraderie and understanding. Having both got their breaks in Hollywood so young, they know what it is like to spend most of their lives in the spotlight.

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