Thursday, May 8, 2014

Trading childhood illusions for adult ones

When we're little, we can't wait to grow up. But little do we realize how quickly the growing up comes and how much change comes with it. Being a child, being young, has its illusions that are the necessities of innocence and naivety.

We pretend that we could grow up to be anything we want to be, we live in a world of fantasy and dreams. But when we grow up, we must leave those fantasies behind, to take up the realities of everyday life.

But that doesn't mean that being an adult comes without its illusions. We simply swap the illusions of childhood for those of adulthood.

When we're older; instead of living in a fantasy, we often begin to live in a lie, or even in denial. We tell ourselves simple lies; that we have all the time in the world to do what we want, that we're happy, that we're not lonely, that we aren’t wearing a mask. Or whatever else we might have come to camouflage.

See, there isn't much of a difference in being a child or an adult. We grow up, but we often still pretend.

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