Thursday, July 5, 2012

Project Exposure Judge #3

Me! Woohoo!

I felt because I will be the only person that will get to really interact with each off the TOP10 - that it would be fitting that I had an input into the TOP3 and then the overall winner of Project Exposure.

As I sit typing this 7 of the TOP10 have already been named. It has been a very very very difficult task to select 10 out of 104 candidates - all who are beautiful in their own way. At the end of the day and after consulting with various people - decisions had to be made.

I would once again like to say a BIG congratulations to each candidate that submitted an image into the project. You made a step to do something that not everyone would do. Out of 15,000 + members of the Lee Folkard Photography Page you took action and submitted your images. Well Done!

To the TOP10 - I hope you enjoy the process - the theme picking, the mini shoot and the final images you will get to see on facebook. Good luck for the rest of the project.

To the 94 that didn't make it - Lee Folkard Photography aims to hold a project a year indefinately. Who knows - next year could be your year. Continue to support the page - the project and the sponsors. Project Exposure aims to give exposure to the candidates, the sponsors and the imagery.

What will I be looking for from the TOP10?

Someone who is different. They must have a someone unique look and they must connect with the camera. I want to see beautiful images. What's good about the TOP10 shoots, is that each candidate chooses the theme, they do their own make up - they do their own clothing selection and full interpretation of the theme that they have chosen. I'm hoping to see people interpret the themes to the best of their abilities.

Have fun, smile! - Unless you choose the sadness theme! (",)

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