Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rihanna for Armani

Rihanna’s look changes as quickly as her hairstyles do but she never loses her sex-appeal or allure no matter what trend she sports or sets. And her lingerie advertising campaign for Armani was voted the sexiest set of 2011 so it’s no surprise to see her back showing off the latest line.

Rihanna is taking her second stab at being the brand’s face and body and is looking as seductive as ever. The singer showed off a cropped blonde look in her first campaign but she has gone dark for the new adverts. Her figure is something to be envied and admired as she looks as good in the Armani jeans as she does in the underwear.

Her latest album, Unapologetic, is in stores now and the 23-year-old is sure to not disappoint especially with the success of her latest single Diamonds.

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