Friday, December 21, 2012

A Photographer on your honeymoon?

Honeymoon photography is becoming the latest trend. It might sound rather strange – taking a photographer on honeymoon with you but it’s actually one of the best decisions you could make in your relationship.

Even unmarried couples are investing in photo shoots, to capture those beautiful moments in their relationship. It actually is an investment – looking back at those photos allow you to relive those moments, keeping the memories and passion alive.

Perhaps the only downside is the cost involved, as the photographer will have to travel and be accommodated by you. But it is worth it for the lifetime of moments captured from a time that cannot be replicated. A couple is perhaps the most happy on their honeymoon, and the candid shots captured then could even rival the wedding shots.

Having a photographer with you, tailing along inconspicuously, takes the stress off you to capture photos yourselves. Everything will be documented without you even knowing it and those are the truest, most beautiful shots.

From 2013, taking bookings for 2014- Lee Folkard Photography will be offering this service. 
Let us see if South Africa is ready for this line of photography. 

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