Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mila Kunis for Esquire Magazine

“If I wanted to charm the pants off you, I could.”
-       Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis has become a firm favourite not just for her obvious feisty sex-appeal but also for her perfect elixir of girl-next-door, glamour, and edge. And thus, she was voted The Sexiest Woman Alive 2012. Her shoot for Esquire Magazine November 2012 shows flawlessly why she has that title to her name.

We’ve known her as Jackie on That '70s Show, as Mark Wahlberg's girlfriend in Ted, as the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy, and as the girl who all the guys wanted to be friends with after Friends with Benefits. She has carefully chosen roles that have allowed her to show her talent but also to get people talking – think Black Swan.

Esquire Magazine, however, says she is not really the girl we have come to know. In reality; her eyes are not the mythically large smoky ones as in all her photos and The Sexiest Woman Alive is perhaps not even the most glamorous but nonetheless, she has a way with people and a cheekiness that is infectious.

With five new releases - Oz: The Great and Powerful, Blood Ties, Hell & Back, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn , The Third Person – out in 2013, Mila is not going anywhere.

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