Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Justin Bieber

We are living in a time when legends do not exist anymore, celebrity rules, and music sounds all the same. But then Justin Bieber came along and made people believers again, or rather Beliebers. There could be no better way to describe Justin’s fans; because that is the effect he has had on them around the world. The soul in his voice – so rare in general and not just for his age – inspires and rouses.

After months of rumours, he was confirmed for a South African tour. But the real surprise came when tickets were sold out within the first day of going on sale. It has never happened before in South Africa – two 90 000-seater arenas sold out in one day five months before the actual concert. That’s proof that we do Belieb.

The entertainer will be traveling the world in 2013 for the Believe tour. Warming up with a partial leg in North America, it seems fans around the globe can hardly wait to see the superstar. Justin Bieber won’t just be going to South America either; the entertainer has concerts sold out in Europe too.

Oprah Winfrey said that Justin Bieber is perhaps the biggest star since Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. But he is unique because of his beginning that stemmed from what is so intrinsically the 21st century – technology. Since his discovery on YouTube and him signing a record deal with Usher, he has become bigger than even those who mentored him.

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