Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Juice Journal : Day Two

While day one saw me at home for the most part, for day two I knew I would be on the go and at meetings for day two.
Because I have my juices at specific times during the day - I had to factor how this would work.

This is of course one of the reasons I picked Juice Revolution. The fact that everything is bottled - basically means you grab your bottle and get on with life.

I woke feeling good. The bloated feeling I experienced by the end of day one is gone.

Hot water with a kick, done.
The glorious "Apple Zinger" - my shot of apple juice and ginger, done! (Still my fav!)

dynamite comes in small packages - the apple zinger

My first juice of the day, "Photosynthesizer". Kale, broccoli and celery made up some of the ingredients - but once again, it didn't taste bad. I think I'm becoming a pro at this juice cleanse!
This juice was taken on the road with me and consumed at my location of a shoot I was doing. So convenient and easy on the go.

juice number one for the day consumed on shoot location

From my morning mail, (I get emails updating me on how my body should be feeling and giving me a little more information about my "menu" for the day), I'm told that day two is the day I'm most likely to suffer from any "detox" effects.
Possibly fatigue or headaches. Thankfully this was not the case for me.
I even had a meeting at a local coffee spot, smelt the coffee and didn't crave it.
Even sat with someone who had coffee and was not phased at all.

I kept my herbal tea for the evening. It's amazing how something as simple as a herbal tea becomes, almost a treat.
I went to bed on day two feeling appreciative of the small things in life.

my herbal tea
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