Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Juice Journal : Day Three

I woke up feeling so refreshed!

Hot water with a kick and herbal tea - done.

Still a highlight of the day for me - my apple zinger!

My first juice of the day - "Cream of Berry"
My first juice smoothie; apple, mixed berries, creamy banana, natural yogurt and mixed seeds.
The texture is thick and creamy - almost chew-able. I forgot what chewing was... {haha}
A welcomed sensation of berry goodness.

cream of berry with my supplements

Juice number two today, "Green Sweep", was average in comparison to the cream of berry.
Decent in taste, packed with nutrients.

To be honest at this point I've gotten into a routine and the cleanse process is starting to feel pretty normal.

All I keep a note of is what time I need to be having my next juice. You receive a daily planner with times suggested for your juices. This can be adjusted to suit your schedule - but the times between juices should remain consistent - to avoid dips in your sugar levels and such.

My body and mind feel like they are performing at a higher level than they have before. Maybe it's because I have more time to think about these things, instead of what my next meal will be.

took my lunch to the pool - good weather in durban

I will note at this point that I miss sharing a meal with my beautiful fiance'. We for the most part cook dinner at home and eat together, often critiquing new meals and recipes we've tried.
Small thing - but it becomes almost ritual-like.

I've ended day three feeling reflective on the social element of preparing and sharing a meal.

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