Sunday, October 25, 2015

Juice Revolution

A few weeks back while scrolling through my instagram account, I came across a post by Mishka Patel where she credited Juice Revolution for helping with her energy levels. I was intrigued.

Upon doing some research I found out that Juice Revolution is a South African company started in 2012. They offer juice cleanses and deliver direct to your door.

Having tried juicing at home, the concept of juicing was not foreign to me.

The thing that appealed to me with Juice Revolution was that they do all the "work" and put together your entire cleanse for you.

I reached out to Juice Revolution and was contacted by Fiona Stander, the driving force behind the brand. Fiona's passion is evident from the outset and I knew I was in good hands.
She asked various questions about my lifestyle, my eating habits, what I do in life and my reasons for considering a juice cleanse. (more about these in my next blog post)

Fast forward to now, Sunday the 25th October 2015. My juices have arrived, they are sitting in my freezer, after being blast-frozen and couriered to me overnight. They come perfectly labeled and bottled. I receive an additional package which contained my herbal teas, daily supplements and a program booklet. This booklet is well laid out and contains all the relevant information you would need to start juicing with Juice Revolution.

The packaging which housed my precious juices

Tomorrow I start my 5 day super juice cleanse. Five days of only consuming liquids. Five days of no coffee. I will be keeping a day by day "juice journal" which I will be sharing on here with you.

I am both nervous and excited to embark on this journey.
My greatest challenge, in my mind, will be the no caffeine for the duration of my cleanse.
I have not had coffee for the last two days to try and prep my mind for the next five days. I have also cleared out the beans from my coffee machine.
I can do this!

My 5 day super juice cleanse

Best news: For the duration of my juice journey, Juice Revolution have given me a discount coupon code to share with my followers and readers.
Should you wish to purchase a juice cleanse all you need to do is use the coupon code; leefolkard upon checkout to redeem 10% off your purchase prior to delivery.
The coupon code is valid until November 7th 2015.
So join me as I juice my life right!

Find out more information about Juice Revolution here and here.

Follow more of my Juice Journey on snapchat: @leefolkard (I will be live snapping daily on here)

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