Friday, October 30, 2015

My Juice Journal : Day Four

My juice routine no longer feels like a routine.
Almost habitual I wake up, boil my water, add my lemon and sip.

I had an early morning photoshoot so I packed my first juice of the day in my camera bag, grabbing my "apple zinger" as I exited my home.
The ginger and apple still tingles my taste-buds in all the right places!

veg out

After day three's delightful "Cream of Berry" smoothie, I see another smoothie to start my morning.
I hoped that the texture of this one wasn't as thick as the "Cream of Berry"
"Veg Out" includes a host of vegetables and was once again surprisingly tasty and not as thick as "Cream of Berry"

By the time I get home from my photoshoot it's time for me to have my next juice.
"Gentle Menthol" - A combination of orange, carrot, celery and mint.
It had a good orange color to it and the mint makes it quite refreshing.

i've always loved carrot added to my juices

The rest of the day goes as per usual. It's pretty much smooth sailing.

I feel lighter - not in weight - just my within myself. My mind seems clearer and I have new-found energy.

As I type this on my last day - I cannot believe how fast the five days have gone.

day five - where are you?
I ended day four - much later - I couldn't sleep - too much energy maybe? -
As I was saying -
I ended day four wondering what will happen after day five.

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