Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Juice Journal : Day One

I survived day one.
More than survived, I feel pretty awesome.

It's the start of day two.
I'm sipping on my hot water with a kick, that kick being half a squeezed lemon.
That squeezing of half a lemon and adding it to hot water is basically the only thing I have to do myself for the next 4 days.

Why did I start a juice cleanse?

I always try to keep a moderately healthy lifestyle.
I've cut down on my wheat and gluten intake, I've done the morning jogs, I've done the evening jogs... I've even tried juicing before.
The latter was me self juicing which is quite the tiresome venture; buying the fruits and vegetables, making sure you've washed and cleaned them - getting the correct mix of fruits and vegetables in your juice, trying not to waste too much, and then; cleaning the juicer.
And all that is just for one glass of juice!
I started the juice cleanse because Juice Revolution does all the work for me.
The right mix of nutrients are handed to me, perfectly packaged and labelled - five days of goodness.
I often miss meals due to a sporadic daily life. Breakfast is almost always replaced with a coffee, or two.. or three. (I do recognize that it may be a problem - the coffee)
I am hoping that my five day super juice cleanse with Juice Revolution will help me reprogram my mind and body, clearing it of toxins along the way.

day one in a picture

Day One:

On Sunday evening I removed all my day one juices from the freezer and left them to defrost overnight in the sink.
On Monday morning, I gave them all a good shake and put them into the fridge. (Noting at this stage that all my day one juices were green - please let them taste decent)

I woke with my tongue feeling weird... this was either due to the anticipation of the start of my all juice cleanse, or because I had, for the most part cut out refined sugars and coffee over the weekend.
Either way - the tongue was better with the first sip of my hot lemon water.

I got to have my first herbal tea - basically my only choice item in my juice cleanse pack - I have five different flavors of herbal teas - I get to choose when in the day I get to have them, and which flavor I get to have when. I started my cleanse with the one labelled "love"

my herbal teas (supplied by juice revolution)

Half an hour later I had my Apple Zinger - this is 98% apple juice and ginger and is consumed as one consumes tequila. Shot! This was an awakening experience - if I thought I was awake after my hot water and lemon this proved me wrong. The taste sensation in that 50ml bottle is something else. It should be noted that I love ginger.

Onto my first full sized juice of the day. Called "8 a day" - a blend of fruits and vegetables. The ingredients are listed on the bottles and I could basically taste all the each of them - except the avo - I could not taste the avocado (this may have been a good thing).
The juice was very tasty. I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it. I got to take my day one supplement pack with this juice. The supplement pack is contains a mix of barley grass, spirulina and acidophilus. (You get an email telling you what each one is and what it does. They're all good for you!)
I felt satisfied after my first juice. Not hungry and not full. I felt good.

my first full sized juice

Juice number two was pretty "green" tasting. Not as tasty as juice one but not by any standard undrinkable.
After juice two - I felt full.

Juices three and four are repetitions of juices one and two. Knowing the tastes I was going to experience - my second time round with both juices was more rewarding as I spent a great deal of time actually tasting all the ingredients slowly.

I felt a little bloated after juice number three, which was weird as it seems as though all you're doing is drinking juices.

Juice number five is called, "Apple Pie" - my "dessert" juice. Apple juice and cinnamon. Lightly warming this one up on a stove is recommended. I loved it. Warm goodness in a mug that I get to end each day with. Yummy!

I was not tired, but decided to call it a night a little earlier than my normal bedtime. I went to bed on day one feeling very thankful that I have embarked on this juicy journey.

day one : done

To find out more about Juice Revolution, check out their:
Facebook and Instagram accounts.
Website: www.juicerevolution.co.za

To follow my day to day journey follow me on snapchat for live snaps: @leefolkard

Oh and don't forget: 

For the duration of my juice journey, Juice Revolution have given me a discount coupon code to share with my followers and readers.
Should you wish to purchase a juice cleanse all you need to do is use the coupon code; leefolkard upon checkout to redeem 10% off your purchase prior to delivery.
The coupon code is valid until November 7th 2015.
So join me as I juice my life right!

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