Monday, April 13, 2015

Two weeks too long – The #ProjectScouted Top 25 get suited up at Phase Five

It’s one of the great pleasures in life to meet like-minded people; people who are as passionate about their goals and desires as you are, people who will support and encourage your dreams even ahead of their own. Everyone at #ProjectScouted has found these people and being in each other’s creative, zealous presence has become a necessity. A two week hiatus seemed incredibly long, but the team were back together on Sunday on Florida Road for the Phase Five shoot featuring the stunning Top 25 girls.

Having shot Phase Four and produced entrancing images, Jessica Lee of Van.Go Photography came back at it to shoot Phase Five this week. (Don’t forget to read about this stunning girl on the blog!) This shoot was in complete contrast to her previous one, as the girls traded their ethereal femininity for suave sophistication. The shoot - titled "Suit and Tie" - took place at the park on Florida Road and as always attracted the attention of the public like moths to a flame because there is no resisting the pull of the Project.

Jessica’s insight behind the theme of the shoot was to portray the Top 25 as strong, independent women in the guise of the 21st century man of class. Arriving with black skinny jeans and white collared shirts, with the rest of the props and clothing provided, the ladies had their makeup done by the lovely girls of Make-up the College, who have done a tremendous job in bringing the themes alive each week through their artistry.

Shooting in the vicinity of the park across the road from the Spiga D’Oro restaurant; Jessica placed the girls with strong posing and drew out their feisty personalities, which was also channelled through their dramatic makeup and slicked -back hair. The shoot had an urban, metropolitan feel – certainly exuding the sense of being shot in the heart of Durban – whilst remaining intriguingly womanly.

The Project has gained speeding momentum this cycle, with the media being inundated with news of the shoots and the team involved. Having featured in the latest The Umhlanga magazine, #ProjectScouted has Durban abuzz. The recent announcement that the winner of the Project will also receive a full magazine spread in The City magazine, also collaborated by FabMagazines, to the value of R45 000, has lighted the spark of determination in the girls’ eyes. This is going to be a remarkable genesis to one lucky girl’s career.

We love seeing parents and well-wishers at the shoots and even found a few budding parental photographers out to support their daughters while capturing the memories behind-the-scenes. With Just Green our Project DJ keeping the atmosphere pulsing with his mixes, it really was the perfect way for the girls still at school and university to end off their holidays.

One of the biggest highlights in the #ProjectScouted calendar is the fashion show featuring the designs of Shoelaced Clothing by Ryan Francis. We can hardly believe that this phase has arrived and takes place next Saturday at The Factory Cafe with the Top 20 girls – plus the Wildcard! – getting the opportunity to showcase their ramp skills after having honed their photographic abilities. Come meet the faces behind the Project – there is no charge to view the show and we will be celebrating till late!

“There is no good and evil. There is only power and those too weak to seek it.” And #ProjectScouted Cycle 2 has seen that power and separated the weak from the strong.

images used shot by: Dalton Green Photography

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