Friday, April 17, 2015

Capturing the #ProjectScouted moments in motion – Videographer, Mdumisi Nxele

Having fallen in love with the art of film, Mdumisi Nxele is fascinated by the feelings motion pictures can evoke. One of the favourite parts of his creative process is in blending different images to tell a story of emotion and experience. Mdumisi will be joining our brilliant team of videographers for the Project and will be behind the camera to capture the memorable moments of the Shoelaced Clothing fashion show happening on Saturday at Factory Café. He is talented and insightful about his work, realizing the impactful role that video plays in our age. Read more about this passionate guy below.

Lee Folkard Photography: What sparked your interest in videography?
Mdumisi: I fell in love with the art of film and I was fascinated by the feelings it could evoke. When I started creating my own videos, I just thoroughly enjoyed blending in different images and creating emotions from it.

LFP: What has your journey been like in turning your passion for videography into a career?
Mdumisi: It definitely hasn't been easy; it’s actually been very challenging for me. But I love the fact that I'm growing and getting to explore and discover myself more as a person through this art and also that I'm meeting the most interesting creative people along the way. Everything that I have put into my career has definitely been worth it.

LFP: What motivated you to want to be the videographer capturing the #ProjectScouted fashion show happening on Saturday?
Mdumisi: When Lee first explained the concept of the Project and also the fashion show to me, I got extremely excited to have the opportunity to be involved in something so fresh for Durban and that also involves so many creative people. The fact that I've never done something like this before also requires me to think out of the box and will expose me to capturing video in a different setting. This is a great opportunity for me!

LFP: From what you know so far, what do you love the most about #ProjectScouted?
Mdumisi: I like the raw, unprecedented feel it has. I love how this Project gives everyone a platform to just be, no restrictions with full expression. Anything that allows me to go all out creatively has me hooked. I also love how it gets a whole host of people involved; designers, photographers, videographers, models, and others.

LFP: What has been your most memorable experience as a videographer? What has been some of your most enjoyable projects?
Mdumisi: There was a traditional Zulu wedding I did last year in Ulundi that I loved getting to capture. It wasn't at all like the way we have functions here in urban areas. In the rural areas, it’s raw and everyone is involved. It's like everyone is drunk on culture, dance and song. I particularly enjoyed the creative approach my partner and I had the freedom to give it and we got to take what we learnt in the city and apply it in the countryside. It also put us on the spot because nothing was choreographed. It was a matter of being at the right spot at the right time for the desired composition. I absolutely loved it! This is one of my fondest memories.

LFP: Do you have a specific style of videography? What sets you apart from other videographers?
Mdumisi: I don' like going according to the rules. I love real stuff that hasn’t been orchestrated in any way. I love evoking emotion and I particularly love fusing the right music for the right work.

LFP: What was the learning process like for becoming a videographer? How do you keep current?
Mdumisi: I'm still very new in the industry so I'm still learning. But then again, I suppose one never stops learning. You have to move with the industry and with the times. It's about always being updated; watching a great versatile body of work – old and new and by different artists.

LFP: What do you imagine your future to be as a videographer?
Mdumisi: My main goal is to be a well-established cinematographer.

Judging from the success of last year’s fashion show, you don’t want to miss out on it this year. But if you do, Mdumisi will be covering all the bases. This is a milestone in the Project as well as a major achievement for the 21 girls who will be walking in the show. Come out and show your support and meet the faces behind the Project that is still ‘doing it for the people’.

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