Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Phase Seven : Brief : #ProjectScouted

hey there, 

welcome to the brief...

This week is all about glam, personality and how well you work with your fellow project scouted models. 

Each group will get a set number of frames so be aware of lighting, your angles and working as a team. Goodluck!

Venue: Thompson Bay Beach, Ballito (meet at the tidal pool)

Call Time: 7:00am

Make-up: Golds, bronze, full fake lashe

Image result for gold make up
Image result for gold make up
Image result for gold make up

Hair: wet and sleek or high buns

Accessories: thick gold chains, chunky bangels (anything you dont mind getting wet.

Image result for jewellery thick gold chains

Outfits: long sleeve button down shirts with collar. Sheer/ prints or colour etc. i will be supplying a couple tops but bring if you have. 

Remember your clothes will be getting wet. I will also be supplying pasties (don't worry, nothing is going to show that shouldn't show) for  protective covering so we don't have strings and straps sticking out all over the place.  

bottoms are fine or something with a little more coverage as I don't doubt the water is going to be chilly. 

You won't be seen from the waists down, so don't worry too much. You might like to wear shoes or slops as the tidal pool floor can be a little rocky and this will help with when trying to balance. 

yours sincerely


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