Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mistakes, the foundation of your own truth

We walk our own roads and choose our own paths. No two journeys are ever the same. And when we realize that, when we find our own path, we know that we will make mistakes somewhere down the line. But it’s those mistakes, the detours that we’ve taken along the way, that take us to where we ought to be.

Some mistakes end up being beautiful, and they are what adds colour to what could be a very dull life. And if by making a mistake you only learn to not judge others so severely, what greater a lesson?

Mistakes are inevitable. They lead us, teach us, grow us. There is not as much to be learnt from success as there is from failure. Mistakes are your own foundation of truth. And although they do not have to define the rest of your life, perhaps they could define they way you live the rest of it.

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