Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Birth Photography – A Growing Niche in Photography

We capture almost every important moment and memory in our lives, from weddings to birthdays, so why should it be any different with the birth of a child? Most people would squirm at the thought of having a camera in the room capturing the event of childbirth, but when it comes to birth photography the prospect does not seem quite as daunting. Birth photography allows for one of the most significant milestones of a family’s, and more importantly a woman’s, life to be documented professionally and sensitively in a way that you want it to be.

Birth photography is a relatively new concept so there are not as many photographers well-versed and willing in the genre yet. But at the rate that it is growing, especially as demand grows with some beautiful images being seen online, this will certainly change. Maternity photography was even once something thought of as strange and unappealing but is now a well-established area of photography with many photographers solely focussing on it.

Birth photographers mostly have their own styles when it comes to photographing the birth. But they include only what is agreed upon before the birth takes place. A lot of birth photographers focus on the strength and power that a woman has during childbirth and encourage their subjects not to worry about the way they look. And because birth is a sacred event, the photos that are produced will be the way you want them to be; either waist shots or reserved nursing shots.

Most birth photographers are on call within a time range – normally a few days – before and after the expected due date and do not charge by the hour but for a complete package. This takes the stress off the mother during the birth and in the days leading up to the birth. Most photographers aim for a photojournalistic style, capturing moments as they happen with minimal posing. If the natural birth happens to turn into a Caesarian, the photographer might not be allowed in theatre but will be ready straight after the baby is born and for the mother-baby reunion.

Childbirth is an extremely emotional time and details could be forgotten or missed during the event, but birth photography changes that. It is quite a beautiful thought; that a family will be able to treasure the first few moments of a child’s life through beautiful images forever.

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