Monday, November 19, 2012

You wear your life on your face

Have you ever really looked at a person?

There are secrets hidden in the lines on their skin, there are mysteries hiding in their eyes, there are stories lingering on their lips, there are tears dried on the contours of their cheeks.

Our eyes have been trained to see what is directly in front of us and we have lost the sight that showed us the beauty of the things not traditionally beautiful. Beauty is not only found in the face of a woman with high cheekbones and voluptuous lips, but also in the face of the man with leathery skin and sad eyes.

You might not know the secrets that are hidden, the mysteries that are concealed, the stories that linger, or why there were tears – but do not doubt that they are there. A person’s life, their story, is in their face; it takes a moment to recognize that but even a lifetime is insufficient to know that story.

Perhaps we are all really just waiting for someone else to see that, to see us.

Have you ever really looked at a person?

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