Tuesday, November 27, 2012

i love Durban

Just like people, cities possess personalities. But unlike people, the changes that occur in the personalities of cities do not leave us angry or annoyed but mesmerized and awe-inspired.

Durban’s dynamic and vibrant persona is unlike any other city’s in the world, it pulses with the thrill of the unexpected but is simultaneously filled with the comfort of a place that invites you just as a home does. No city is perfect, but the imperfection of the city of Durban is purely extraordinary.

Those who live in Durban know that no matter where else you go; there will be no other place that can embrace you as much as it can. And those who have visited Durban, have felt the energy and the pull of the city just as the ocean’s waves are attracted to the shore – and of course, there are no other beaches quite like that of those in Durban.

Durban is my city, my home, and the reasons to love it are rather endless.

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