Tuesday, November 13, 2012

[ Hello ]

A warm welcome to the newest member to the Lee Folkard Photography team; Sholene Ramdass.
Below is her first official blog post;

As the newly appointed assistant at Lee Folkard Photography, a very big hello!

Having so many interests and passions in life, I've never failed to grab any opportunity that has come my way. Applying for the position of assistant at Lee Folkard Photography, though, was a spur of the moment decision that proves that many things that are meant to be in life often happen without giving much thought to them. But now having got this awesome job, much to my surprise, I’m thrilled and very excited for the future!

This position will allow me to let my creative spirit run free and involves a lot of what I love – writing, fashion, entertainment, and photography of course, and will also broaden my horizons as a BA student majoring in Creative Writing.

 I hope to continue to keep you enthralled and captivated, as Lee has done so brilliantly, with the blog posts and to add a new element to Lee Folkard Photography, which has already established itself as an incredible company to be watched.

This is a new journey and there are great things on the way!

Sholene Ramdass; Photography by Lee Folkard Photography

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