Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is it Art?

The graffiti under a bridge, the five-year-old boy’s drawing of a sports car, the doodles in the margin of a student’s notebook; is it art? Who decides what art is and what isn’t? There are entire university courses dedicated to studying what defines art and what can actually be considered art, but does that really take into effect what art means for the ordinary person?

Yet what is beautiful to me might not be beautiful to you, but that still does not mean it is not beautiful to somebody. The experience of art and beauty is an extremely personal one, making it different for everyone. But the true value of art and beauty is that it creates feeling, it stirs emotion, and it provokes thought – it just simply moves you.

Art cannot be defined, no matter how many scholars and critics disagree. It cannot be defined because whatever is beautiful, whatever touches our souls, cannot be boxed into a label. It’s a bit like when you grow to love someone truly and every time you look at them you are filled with feelings of admiration and wonder. You do not love them because they are beautiful; but they are beautiful because you love them.

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