Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Words; the most powerful drugs used by mankind

They say that men fall in love with what they see but women fall in love with what they hear. But maybe we all fall in love with what we hear, whether it is true or not.

Words intoxicate, written and spoken, like drugs or alcohol. And just like those two intoxicants, words are often abused too; used where they shouldn’t be to mean things other than what they should.

Words are like the beads strung together on a rosary to form sentences, and are clutched in the hands of those who desperately seek to believe in something greater.

The words of love, acceptance, understanding spoken to us by others become the rosary which we hold in our hands, silently being thankful for the high they give us. That words can have this power is truly something of a miracle and a curse in its own.

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