Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tom Ford – Designer of sexy now on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the main portals for celebs to stay in touch with their fans, uploading personal and behind-the-scenes photos from their lives and work. Tom Ford is the latest major celeb to join the social network and, to the delight of fans everywhere, posted his first image on Instagram on March 14th. And of course, in true Tom Ford demeanour, the first pic is raunchy, sexy, over-the-top, and features a bag (and an ass) that most women would love to own.

Although the designer is only 7 pictures in so far and most of the images are for Tom Ford’s “Shop online” campaign, the promise of more spectacular images to come is worth the wait.

Ford gained international notoriety for his turnaround of Gucci and the creation of the Tom Ford label. He also directed, produced, and co-wrote the breathtakingly beautiful Oscar-nominated film “A Single Man” in 2009 starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore.

The Tom Ford label, and more especially the ad campaigns, has become synonymous with sexy, bawdy, and illustrious. Many of the label’s ads have been banned in certain countries for its subjective vulgarity but he has not lost his loyal fan base – which has in fact grown tremendously.

Tom Ford is loved for his experimentation with images and his open acceptance and recognition of the importance of one’s sexuality and his ad images always reflect this concept. With his vision and creativity that has surpassed many in the fashion industry, one would never guess that he is over his 50s and has even been seen in some of the images used in the label’s ad campaigns.

The images that Tom Ford has produced over the years have become iconic within the fashion and beauty industry and are distinctly unique and recognizable among a myriad of designer labels. And now that he is officially on Instagram, his fans have instant access to an insight into the world of all things Tom Ford

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