Friday, April 25, 2014

Binx – The future face of fashion

You can’t go wrong with an intriguing name, especially in the fashion world. Binx is one such intriguing name, to match her personality and look. Her real name is Leona Walton, but she was nicknamed Binx by her brothers after “Jar Jar Binks” from Star Wars - the ‘gungan’ from the planet Naboo. Gungans are creatures that have humanoid bodies, long ears, and live underwater. So with this slight resemblance, this gungan is now a supermodel known as Binx.

Initially spotted 6 years ago by an agency owner when she was 13, Binx kept their business card for 3 years until she called them and she has been in development since then. If you count development as rising to the top in a matter of a year, that is – she’s 17 years old now.

Originally, Binx wanted to be a professional footballer and probably would’ve been had her modelling career not gone through the roof thanks to her delicate frame and body structure and her beautifully prominent cheekbones and eyes.

Growing up in Hawaii and Tennessee, and a graduate of performing arts, Binx is an avid skateboarder and a skilful performer of African and hip hop dance. She’s signed to Next Models in New York, Los Angeles and Miami and has been in no less than 27 major fashion shows this past season; walking for Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Prada amongst many other powerhouses. She’s also been chosen as the face of luxury French fashion-house, Céline, where she looks every inch the supermodel in the ads.

Binx is being called one to watch in 2014. And although she only has just over 4000 followers on Twitter so far and she hasn’t got a Wikipedia page yet, this will certainly change soon. She has designers tripping over to have her walk for them because of her androgynous London-style catwalk look as well as her street-cool avatar that has one guessing whether she’s a boy or a girl – something highly valuable in the fashion world. This 1.78m tomboy could very well be the future face of fashion with an edgy, enchanting name to match.

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