Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Project Trinity : The TOP 15

Firstly, congratulations to:

Annelise, Kyra, Claire, Jamie-Lee, Kerry, Jodie, Kay-Leigh, Karen-Lee, Camilla, Nilufer, Samantha, Dakota, Tracy-Lee, Lungile & Christy.

The TOP 15 for Project Trinity. This stage will also be referred to as PHASE 2.


By now you will know who's TEAM you are in.
Each photographer will work with their 5 TEAM members in PHASE 2.
You will liaise and plan with your photographer to set and plan your mini shoot.

We are wanting to get all shoots done by latest, Saturday 23rd November.

For this PHASE 2 photoshoot with your photographer, you are responsible for hair, make-up, clothing and your overall interpretation of the theme. Your photographer may assist with posing help as they see fit.

The aim of this phase is for your photographer to see which of their team members they work best with.
Remember only 3 per TEAM will progress to PHASE 3 (TOP 9).

Essentially this means in PHASE 2 you are competing against your TEAM members. As only 3 of you will move on.

In terms of outfits for your TOP 15 shoot - You may have a change of clothes. So two outfits for your two separate looks.

The theme for the TOP 15 shoot is : Emotions
We want one image showing a posed, structured, almost monotone feel and the other contrasting to this.
We want to see YOU in the latter image. Candid, natural and free...

In essence one image will be "SAFE" and the other more "RISKY"
It is also up to you and/or your photographer as to how you actually interpret this. This is merely a guideline.

We also encourage you to bring a "prop" or items that mean something to you - or that show us more about who you are.

Thank you,
Any further questions you may have - please contact your TEAM photographer and they will be able to further assist you.

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