Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Project Trinity : Photographer #3

For the 3rd photographer I was set on finding a female photographer that could balance the power of photographers. 

In the process Jerome and I both agreed that we had found this in Samantha. She stood out from the rest. 
What finalized this was me meeting Sam in person. Her passion for what she does and her desire to grow made this decision a lot easier. 

So here we have it: In Samantha's words: 

"As a child I was always creating: painting, drawing, cutting, sticking, making something. 
Creativity has always been a part of my personality. 

My journey to photography has been a long and passionate one. 
It didn't begin when I held a Nikon for the first time, it began when I started creating. 
Photography was a natural progression in my creative journey. 
I treat my photographs and approach them as art. 
My camera, the subject, the place and the moment in time are all sacred- they are respected. 

I believe in human kind. I believe in the goodness within others. 
In my photographs I aim to find that goodness- the most beautiful part of any person. 
It is that goodness and being able to find it and capture it, that makes an image more than just an image. 
It becomes a message, a story, a memory. 

Age and gender mean nothing when you have passion. 
When you open your mind and put your heart into something- limitations seem to not exist. 
Now that you know a bit about me and my work, I would like to introduce myself. 
Hello, my name is Samantha Duckworth, I am 19 years old and my passion is photography- what's yours? 

To view my work, visit my blog www.ducklingphotography.blogspot.com

A Quick Q&A:

1. A song that sums up your mood at the moment is... 
Edwarde Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes- Home
2. Your favourite subject to photography is... 
people caught up in a moment.
3. Which one person would you most like to photograph to add to your portfolio? 
I would love to photograph the average South African in his/her home. I feel I would capture something special.
4. Best advice you ever received regarding photography?
"The best camera out there is the one you've got."
5. Favourite movie? 
The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
6. What can people expect from you in Project Trinity? 
People can expect fresh ideas, total originality and passion from me in Project Trinity.
7. Is there any website or app you regularly find yourself going to for inspiration?
I surf a lot of photoblogs fairly often. One I particularly enjoy is called "Moodswings".

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