Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Concert

Anything that can bring people together, heal wounds, lift spirits, is magic. Music has that magic. It is a universal language; the words might be in a language that you cannot even understand, but you can still feel the music and experience its power. But there is nothing like experiencing live the music you love – where music truly comes alive is at the concert.

In that stadium or arena, all those thousands of fans are united for those few hours and they all feel the same thing – that they are not alone anymore and the music is all that matters. It can be felt in the air; it drifts with the sound and pulses through your body, through your very being. In that moment we are all in love and we all have something to believe in again.

The recent Linkin Park concert in South Africa saw 80 000 fans gather at Soccer City in Johannesburg – 80 000 people all in one place to live in the moment of loving the music together of a band they feel like they’ve grown to know through their music – a band who seems to understand their feelings without ever having met them. Music has that power.

You look around and everyone is mouthing the same lyrics but the words mean something different to everyone; they’ve all heard that song at some point in their own lives and remember it for different reasons, fell in love with it for different reasons, but they all find themselves together in that transcendent moment singing the same song, loving the same thing.

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