Monday, January 7, 2013

Location vs. Studio Shooting

“Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer.”
-       Ansel Adams

Once upon a time, only the elite few made it into the realm of professional photography, and these professionals almost always had a studio. However in the digital age we currently live in, you can find a photographer on practically every street corner. But not all these photographers have their own studio. Some people question the professionalism of those photographers known as “on-location” photographers. But here are just a few ways on-location photography can be more powerful than studio shots.

A studio setting often creates a bit more anxiety, tension and a feeling of being trapped. It doesn’t matter if the session is for kids or adults, getting your photo taken can be stressful. There’s the worry of how you look, a new place, a person you don’t really know, whether your kids are going to behave, and so on. But for some reason meeting at a location you choose and often outdoors seems a lot more relaxed and a lot less intimidating.

This reduction in stress makes an on-location session much more fun than a studio session. Another benefit of on-location photography is that it gives you a chance to pick a location that holds meaning for you. It puts you in a picturesque location that will trigger an emotional connection every time you look at your photos.

Of course there’s also the benefit of natural props. In a studio you’re most likely sitting on stools or standing on boxes to create this perfectly organized group of people. But in an on-location session you’ll be utilizing the things that are present at your location. It may a tree, a bench, a little cafe table, or maybe it’s just the ground. Using these natural pieces makes your photos seem more like they framed a moment in your life. They weren’t posed; they were a spontaneous capture of your life.

While studio photography will always be a beneficial option, and sometimes a far better option than an on-location shoot, for those who prefer to maintain complete control of their session, on-location photography is becoming a much greater factor in professional photography sessions. Whether it’s for family photos, senior sessions, or portraits, you just can’t beat the natural beauty and simplicity of the great outdoors.

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