Thursday, August 4, 2011

Post Process Procedure

"Post Process Procedure"

I have decided to make an effort to decide on one basic look for my shoots and create a monotone feel throughout the shots.

This can be seen specifically in my last 3 "concept shoots" this year.

Wild Thing with Roxi Richards, Project One winner!
The Midas Touch

I have also done this with a normal shoot; see Mzamo Shozi.

This sort of uniformed look and feel can be achieved by using the same post processing techniques on each picture.

Below you will see ONE image. Modified NINE different ways.

Image number 1 is the original - straight from camera image, slightly cropped.
What one has to factor in is the overall "concept" and all other outfits and shooting locations within the shoot.
The one that would work best for all will be chosen. Quite the process and quite a challenge.
So far, so good though. Can you tell which was used for the Midas Touch shoot?

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