Monday, August 22, 2011

How to Smile in Photographs

1. Take a deep breath and let yourself relax. Taking pictures can be stressful, but stress and negativity leave you tense and anxious. Listen to music, sip a bottle of water or give yourself a few quiet minutes to meditate or daydream before a shoot.

2. Don't force yourself to hold your smile for too long -- you'll end up looking mechanical and unnatural. If the photographer counts down, smile on 1. If there's a pause between pics, let your face relax and then smile again just before the next photograph.

3. Think of something funny or happy before you smile -- it'll help you smile more naturally. Laughing a little helps your smile look natural, too.

4. Don't forget to smize -- smile with your eyes! If your smile doesn't reach your eyes, it doesn't look genuine. Smile in the mirror and watch how your eyes change. Your smile should brighten up your whole face, not just your mouth.

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