Thursday, November 18, 2010

Project i - Dualism (Tips)

Ok - I know I haven't really spoken much about Project i - Dualism as yet but it has begun - and is now running. I will get back to a prologue at a later stage. Time is of the essence.

So the Tips you have come to see:

1. Awareness
Get ALL your friends to know that you are in a competition.
This can be done via status updates. Links to the Lee Folkard Photography Fan Page. Links to the Project i - Dualism Album. Create an Event on Facebook. It's free and can be used to create a domino-type effect, which is essentially what you want to amass the required votes.

2. Share
Facebooks platform enables you to share just about anything. All the links that you used to create awareness should be shared. You can share links via, wall posts, status updates, profile pages, event walls, even in individual messages to target friends one at a time. I would go as far as to share links via Facebook Chat if you do use it.

3. Step Process
Once you have their attention - people need to be aware that they need to LIKE the Lee Folkard Photography Fan Page first. Then locate your picture. For those who have difficulty in locating the album on the page - this will not be a problem with the many Direct Links you have posted all over the place.
Once they find you picture they need only type the word - VOTE as a comment under the picture.

4. Networking
The most important factor of the whole voting process is that of networking. You may have 300 facebook friends and another entrant may have 1000 facebook friends - The important thing is that you get the friends of your friends to vote and then their friends. The Domino Effect. What you want is the people that do take the time to vote for you to let their friends know about this competition. So once people vote for you - ASK them to share the link with their friends. ASK them to make status updates etc. And so the process should fall - and YOU will start accumulating VOTES.

I hope that some of these tips have been of use to you. Direct your friends to this blog post so that they can have a better understanding of how this whole thing works.

Good Luck to all involved and thank you for participating in a Lee Folkard Photography Project.
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