Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Markets of Warwick

In my mind the "warwick triangle" area in Durban was a very dangerous area to be walking - even nearby.
So the opportunity to go into the area with a guided tour which would allow opportunity to shoot pictures immediately grabbed my attention.

Starting early morning and starting promtly we moved in a group through each of the markets in the area. 9 were covered in total. The whole experience was memorable and I would highly suggest that everyone makes a booking. It would be a great family trip or couple trip as well.

At a cost of R50 per person and a FOUR hour guided tour through NINE of the markets this is an awesome opportunity to experience an amazing South African beauty.

It was a great cultural experience and I am very glad that I attended.

Details of the Markets of Warwick
Telephone: 031 309 3880

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