Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Newsletter Complete

South Africa bow out of the World Cup, ending with a good 2-1 win over France.
Well done guys - You may not have made it to the next round but you certainly had a nation - for the most part - united behind you.
I will now move my support from my soccer team to supporting my country - who I must say are doing an amazing job at hosting this great spectacle.

On to the next major news story - even though I doubt it will make the newspaper - My newsletter is complete and I have started sending it out via email.
Hope those who have received it have enjoyed the content.
For those of you who do not have it as yet - just get me your email address.

The newsletter will be another way of communicating to you and will from time to time give you some good photography advice and who knows what else?

The main feature of this first issue is "The Mass PhotoShoot"
More details on this to follow.

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