Thursday, June 17, 2010

My 1st Game

13th June 2010

My first World Cup game that I attended. Germany vs Australia.
Had my German colours on and was ready to support!
Germany did not let their fans down - 4 goals. So far the most goals in a game during World Cup 2010.

I was under the impression with Fifa's ultra strict policy that my DSLR camera would not be allowed in - so I dusted off the sony cybershot which has not seen action in about 2 years and snapped a few pictures of my memorable and unforgetable day.
I am thinking for my next match though - I will be taking in my DSLR as they did not seem to worry much about cameras.

The atmosphere inside the Moses Mabhida Stadium was amazing, the actual stadium is truly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

Sharing a day like this is made more special in that it was shared with people I value in my life.

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