Friday, November 6, 2015

A week without Juice Revolution

So last week Friday, I finished my five day super juice cleanse with Juice Revolution.

This week has been a tough one. I adapted easily to eating solid foods - I got full really quickly the first few days.

I really didn't and haven't felt the need to eat sweet stuff. Prior to my juice cleanse almost every dinner meal would end with either a dessert or some sweet or chocolate - or all three!

I have genuinely craved both fruits and vegetables...
I can only deduce that my body - having gotten so much nutrients during the five day course of juices that it -  feels the need to have them regularly.
This has meant my eating habits have definitely improved.

I also managed to stay coffee free for 10 days in total. I have since had three cups in total and I can safely say - I do not need my morning cup.
I start each day, as I did during my juice cleanse, with a cup of hot water with half a squeezed lemon. I really enjoy this daily routine.

My body and my mind missed the juices though. The convenience is amazing. I own a juicer - but it really does take too much time - buying and then juicing the fruits and vegetables.

I started missing meals again this week. Breakfast is always a tough one if I have an early shoot or meeting.

I needed to find a solution!

Insert: Juice Revolution's Lifestyle Juice Range!  

So much happiness!

They come in two different sets of 10.

Box 1

Box 2

Perfect for those that want to give the juices a try before committing to a full juice cleanse.

And even more perfect for those suffering from withdrawals of not having delicious cold-pressed juices in their life after doing a cleanse.

Basically I can now grab one of these if I'm running out and don't have time to make or get breakfast. Also, if I am ever feeling hungry between meals, the lifestyle range is the perfect "snack" juice.

My juice cleanse was couriered to my door. With my two lifestyle boxes, I opted for an airport pick up.
A slightly cheaper option, possibly, if you live close to the airport and don't mind a drive.

2 x lifestyle boxes

Convenience-wise, I would in future get them delivered to my door.

I picked up my Lifestyle box yesterday and today I got to have my first juice. My body felt at ease again. I could almost hear it saying - 'Thank you for being good to me!'

20 bottles of love

What started out as a five day juice cleanse has definitely turned out to be a lifestyle change for the better for me.
And this Lifestyle Juice range from Juice Revolution fits my new lifestyle perfectly!

You can order any Juice Revolution products and use my coupon code: leefolkard
This gets you 10% off and is valid till tomorrow! 7 November 2015.
The website:

Happy Juicing!

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