Friday, January 31, 2014

Lottie Moss – Kate’s Little Sis

Kate Moss needs absolutely no introduction, as anyone who has ever picked up a magazine or surfed the Net sometime over the last ten years would know that she is perhaps one of the most successful, controversial, and interesting models ever. But now it’s time to introduce another face that we are probably going to be seeing and hearing a lot more about – another Moss; Kate’s little half-sister, Lottie.

Starting off in true Moss style, Lottie is surrounded by controversy already – however trivial it may appear – upon the release of her debut photoshoot pictures. There’ve been rumours that the shoot actually took place when Lottie was only 15 – breaking the traditional rule followed by most UK modelling agencies that models should be over 16 when allowed to work. Whatever the case may be though, the black and white test shots that Lottie turned out are stunning and evoke the work of an experienced model.

Her first modelling gig is a spread entitled “From Lottie with love” in the style magazine Dazed & Confused, the magazine that was set up by Jefferson Hack, Kate's former partner and the father of her daughter Lila, and has been described by the magazine as a ‘16-year-old ingénue’. Lottie was signed to Storm Model Management just as she turned 16 and was selected for the shoot just a week later. The images, which were shot by the photography duo Sean and Seng, were tactically released on Kate’s 40th birthday – for which she too had a special shoot; posing topless for Playboy.

Lottie is the daughter of Kate's father Peter and his second wife Inger. It’s going to be hard for Lottie to break free from the comparisons to Kate but maybe it’s the family name that has also given her an advantage to some extent. But then again, Lottie’s beauty and knack cannot be denied. It’s been said that Lottie is the splitting image of Kate when she was 19 and shot a campaign for Calvin Klein’s fragrance “Obsession”. Although being on the smaller side at just 1.65 metres, Lottie has the face of a supermodel. It’s all there; the striking blonde hair, the somewhat vacant eyes that still captivates, that delicate facial structure.

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