Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Instagram : June 2013

I've been on a little break from the blogging world. I'm back and will be doing a new feature on the blog - hopefully a monthly feature.
Instagram highlights from the month.

My instagram username is: @leefolkard

This is the June highlights:

Umhlanga Lighthouse from The Oyster Box Hotel :: Hot Chocolate :: Yeezus album launched
Tasha's Hazelnut Latte :: Orange Cappuccino from iwantmycoffee :: Meals on Wheels with Peugeot Pinetown
Cindy & Angela at LIVE The Venue for Veranda Panda Album launch :: Decor :: Fresh Salad  
Annelise Shoot :: Dominique Shoot :: Belgium Caramel Tart from Chateaux Gateaux 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lee,
    What's your take on the new iOS 7?
    With all the new photo filters available, is there still a need for Instagram?
    Anyway, I love the photos you managed to capture.
    Instagram is really good at adding those cool effects.
    Take care.