Monday, February 7, 2011

The Reasons

Ten Reasons why Lee Folkard Photography is right for you:

1. You are young, hot, and gorgeous! Why not show it off to the World!
2. You are 50 and Fabulous, shall I say more?
3. Not sure what to give your lover as a gift, look no further!
4. Your birthday is coming up, what a wonderful gift to give to yourself!
5. Bad Break-Up? Instead of indulging in some mourning and sorrow, why not treat yourself to a sexy photo shoot and show him what he/she lost!
6. Giving the On-Line Dating Scene a try, you’ll need some breathtaking photographs of yourself to post up on your profile. Facebook! (500 million possibilities)
7. Just finished recovering from major plastic surgery, now it’s time to flaunt it!
8. Planning a party for yourself or someone else, our sexy photo shoot parties will knock their socks off!
9. Tired of the daily soccer mom routine, pamper yourself to a full photo shoot make-over.
10. The Best Reason of all…..”Why not, you are worth it”!

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